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Is this a good start to my book?

I am currently writing a book about a girl named Rosie Petal (Excellent name i know!) Who lives with her beloved mother and little sister Bliss (8) I will show you the first chapter of the story: Chapter 1 My name is Rosie Petal, I know, it's a silly name and I get teased galore for it, though there are people far worse of than me, like Ash Freon (by the way, she's a girl!) I am 10 years of age and my little sister Bliss is 8, though most people make a BIG fuss over her and not me, but I do not care for that, because I have dearest mother Mother and I get up to all sorts of fun things whilst Bliss is over Father's place, we usually bake lovely cakes, soft Victoria Sponge, Custard Tarts, and my favorite, Fairy Cakes We would save some food for Bliss of course, but we would have a wonderful time baking, Mother's range is perfect because she keeps it very clean as she hates germs Father lives on the farm with Janet, we do not like Janet one bit, I do not think she likes us very much to, but Father does let us have a little ride of her horses Mother says that when Father lived with her, he was a great lummox and did nothing to help, also it was a pain for him to walk a mile to the farm, so he found Janet and went to live with her, but we do not care for him any more, well, at least me and Mother do not, I am sure that Bliss loves him lots, we do have a brother, William, he lives in London, the main city so we do not see him I do not go to any school, because I am clever enough, at least Mother says so. "I do not believe that my Rosie should go to that dump of a school" She said to the school Governors I love Mother very dearly, and she is such good fun! Sometimes when we are baking she will dab a bit of cream onto my nose and we would have a right giggle "It's much more fun without Father, isn't it Mother?" I say "Yes dear, much, much more better!" She offered me a handful of her homemade gingerbread and i ate it gratefully ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I know it's all soppy and boring at the moment, but it will get better, and it will turn into a very heart throbbing story I hope you liked it so far, and by the way it's set way back in the 18th century ! --All criticism welcome--

2013-05-13 19:08:29

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