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Am I cursed or something?

I keep seeing the same numbers, which are 11.11, 1.11 or 3.33. I don't look out for them, they just appear. Everywhere I look I see them. For example if I look at the clock, how many miles are left on my mums car, the tv channel, how long a video on youtube is...I just see them all the time! Not only that, but I keep seeing shadow people. They resemble shadows, they're tall and dark. Yesterday, I was home alone and I was walking to the bathroom, when I suddenly felt a presence behind me. When I turned around it was a tall dark shadow with yellow eyes. It was there for a millisecond and then it was gone. I can feel when the shadow people are nearby, because you start to feel cold and you get the sensation that you're not alone and being watched. Also, I was sat down on a chair and when I looked at the mirror (I couldn't see myself because of they angle in which I was looking at the mirror) and I saw a shadow walk past the mirror. Why am I seeing them? What exactly are they and what do they want? I'm only 14 and this is starting to creep me out. I'm not scared, but when I'm home alone I'm starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. By the way I am NOT paranoid. Thank you in advance!

2013-05-13 19:05:40

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