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How to convince my parents to get me a cellphone?

Im in year 8 and i feel left out. It seems like everyone has a phone. Ive always envied the people who have iphone 5s at school. Even my 10 year old cousin has a phone, and its an iphone 4!!!! I have tried asking my parents for one but they say i dont need one. I even have enough money to buy a decent prepaid phone. I have suggested this to my parents but they just say i wasting my own money, and wont let buy one with my own money!!! All my friends and relatives have really nice phones, im just so jealous. I understand if my parents dont want me to get a plan so i offered to buy my own prepaid with the money i earn but still no. Long story short i want to convince my parents to get me a cellphone. Oh and dont tell me to buy a cheap 20$ phone because i want a smart phone like a samsung or htc. I have enough savings to buy $600 phone but they wont let me :(

2013-05-28 10:12:28

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