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a stupid lie that i need help solving?

ok this sounds really stupid because it is. when i moved to a new state i started going to a new school (obviously) and for some stupid reason i wanted to talk in a high pitched voice because i wanted to sound like marilyn monroe. and for for some reason, i kept with it until the 8th grade. now everyone thinks i talk like that. im also known as the goody two shoes because i would act like one. but in reality i talk like a normal girl my age, im not really a goody goody just normal. and im sick of this dumb image i created for myself. i want to get rid of it and be myself. i want to stop faking my voice but i don't want to seem like the lying loser i am. i want to act like myself and not this phase i went through. this is really bothering me. especially now that im going to be a freshmen next year, it will be the last 4 years of school and i don't want to remember them as lying and being fake. what should i do?

2013-05-28 10:18:55

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