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What should I do in the gym?

I have been working out for about 4 weeks now, running at about 11km/h for 20-25 minutes everyday. I initially saw some results as my fat decreased quite a bit. However, I am no longer seeing any big results like I used to and I still have some fat in my chest and in my stomach so I cant really see my abs and my chest has gotten better but is still kind of soft. I have started doing incline bench press and other exercises that hit my abs and others for my arms. I have just started this new routine like yesterday and i plan to do this for 3 days a week and continue my cardio for 4 days a week as opposed to the 7 days a week cardio that I used to do. My question is: will this new routine be more effective in getting lean and ripped. My diet is in check, I dont eat unhealthy food except I do sometimes drink half a gatorade after a workout. Should I just continue this and expect my chest to become more developed? Is there any other exercise I could be doing to help trim down my fat or do I just need to keep going with it for a longer time to see the results I want.

2013-05-28 10:22:39

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