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volleyball problems!! :(?

I go to a school where if you are good enough, get chosen to go to a town for volleyball! I am the best player on my team but the person who chooses who gets to be in the special volleyball team has noticed this other pretty good player on my team and has not taken his eyes off of her because he thinks she is fantastic.. I really want to go so so bad and its my dream but thing is she will be leaving my school in a few weeks so she wont be going... But just tonight i played volleyball and i was the best player again and after our game, the guy grabbed the other good girl and said "can you please fill in for a div 1 team for just tonight"... I wish he had chosen me to play for that game :(! How should i get noticed?!!! HELPPPP! i should mention its so hard to get onto that special volleyball team that gets to go out of town to play.. there is only 1 position left so any ideas on how to improve and how to get noticed?!!!

2013-05-28 10:25:36

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