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Should I get a restraining order?

Well my ex came at me violently during an argument and basically kicked my driver side window and it broke all over me causing minor scratches. I tried to press charges although it didn't meet the requirements...anyways he hasn't paid me any money for it. I had been going out with friends and he randomly texted me saying oh so you go out now & you talk to this person? I think he found out from my facebook so I basically made my whole page private. Well he hasn't been bugging me then tonight I have been on a dating site & he FOUND ME! He messaged me saying oh so you must be following me now lol why don't we just get back together we obviously love each other still! It's crazy that he just randomly found me on there? He doesn't have a car so it's not that I feel threaten by him it's just I find it weird how he keeps popping up into my life or finding stuff about me. Do you think I should get a restraining order for protection?

2013-05-28 10:24:49

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