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Am asking this question for the third time! am in bad mood plz help me guys?

Sorry if it was long Pleaze I need help guys! He told me that he loves me.. Than after like 2 weeks I told him that I do also Well we are not in a relationshio but still hanging out.. Making out.. And he said I love u several time But last month he told me that he is not sure from his feelings and if he moved on from his ex who he knew recently that she still single after telling him that she got married.. He said sorry and that I am who have the clear feelings It really hurted me.. But I am the closest person for him I didn't want him to feel that am not understanding him.. And especially he was so honest with me.. And we still hanging out.. But without saying I love u.. Actually since that hurt I feel smth different inside like lack of my love.. And btw I am traveling after 2 weeks and I dunuw if I ll see him before 1 year I know that he cares about me when he is confusing with feelings and I am his bff But I feel that he is taking me for granted How to behave? Should I start to tell him that am not sure too from feelings to make him scared to loose me? Should I stop makibg out despite I want that and I dnt want to destroy our friendship? Pleaze I am really confusing !! Thanx

2013-05-28 10:24:14

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