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Can anyone help me in my quest for a mentor in the Wiccan religion?

My name is Victoria but the name I now go by is Sansha nea Luna and I have just realized how much I've been wanting to be a Wiccan but my family has frowned upon it since it deals with "the devil's work" and "witchcraft". I am in desperate need of a mentor to help with the transition into the new religion and to help me figure out where I am suited best. I have always felt a strong pull towards nature, the water, and the moon. In the language of my new name, Sansha nea Luna means "she who has the moon". It was given to me by my current boyfriend who is a Christian but knows of the religion. I would really appreciate guidance and some patience with me being so young and new. I am almost 18 and have had a life filled with nothing but suffering and anger from family and other religions. I am also bi, which the Christian religion frowns down on, so it's been a really tough time adjusting. I have had a few ghosts come to me when I was visiting my mothers' shaman and I can tell if there isn't something right about a person. I can see someone's soul with just a glance and if they are evil or good. Please, I really need this chance. Blessed be everyone.

2013-05-28 10:31:46

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