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im a girl with boyish mannerism i reall cant wait acting this way why im i not like other normal girls?

I tried to out grown the tomboyish phase but I can't. I try wearing girly clothes and shop a girly stores ( which I hate) because other normal girls make make fun of me. They think im a boy who looks like a girl. I'm not feminine but im not bad looking either. People call me pretty and stuff or cute. I hate being this way but it's just in my nature. I prefer to hang with boys then girls i feel like i can relate with boys better than girls. Sometimes my feminine friends tells me i remind of their boyfriends which sucks! However they still hang around knowing that im boyish so sometimes to ppl its looks like were a couple but were not! Does anybody go through the same thing in public??

2013-05-28 10:35:45

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