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How can I fix what my android's update messed up?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Reverb and around May 25th there was a system update. As requested, I waited until my phone was fully charged to update my phone. In fact, I kept it on the charger while it updated. Since the update (which was 4.1.2, I believe) my touch screen stops working periodically, forcing me to remove he battery and put it back in just to get it to work again. Today it caused my flash to stay on even after I was finished with my flashlight application. I had to take out the battery to remedy that as well. I really like my phone and getting another one isn't an option. I'm trying to avoid a factory reset. What is the best remedy for this situation? I can't keep removing the battery. I doubt that's good for the phone. Thanks for your help.

2013-05-28 10:45:22

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