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(for girls) Can styling gel make your hair straight?

I am trying to avoid heat on my hair. I recently got my haircut and now the split ends are gone and I do not want to create more. When I blow dry my hair, it`s naturally straight, but it has a bit of a wavy to it and sometimes it gets puffy, so I would use heat to get rid of the wave. I don`t want to do this anymore, I found some styling gel and I figured that`s a way to avoid the heat. Sometimes I would braid my hair when it was wet then when its dry it becomes wavy. I then put a bit gel in my hair to give it that wet look, so it would turn out as beach waves. If I get out of the shower, towel dry, apply gel, and comb through my hair, then blow dry it straight, do you think it would work? Again, I have naturally straight asian hair, but if I were to do this, it wouldn`t have the wave in it?

2013-06-03 02:31:42

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