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Should I not be friends with her?

Well... I've been best friends with this girl for 3 yrs. and we argue a lot and she always thinks she's right and the thing is so do I. Also she lies just lately she said her grandma died by asthma attack and I felt bad but guess what she doesn't even have asthma and worse yet she didn't even die😤. And the whole time me and my boyfriend were together she tried forcing us to kiss but I really didn't want to take it to far in a short time. And when me and my boyfriend started to grow apart after 3 months she kept on telling me that " he's going to break up with you just wait you'll see" and when he did she's like " told ya so!" I cried all weekend. Omg and she'll laugh at somebody else including me if a little hair is sticking out at the top of your head or if you wear the same jeans 2 days in a row even though she's fat all her cloths are really tight and she has 2 chins. So should I still be her best friend ???????😬😬😬😬

2013-06-03 02:32:28

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