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Does anyone else have a problem with all these accusations of scandal?

It's annoying that the GOP is trying to create fear,suspicion, cynicism, and distrust to the point where you can't even trust your own family members. It seems to be their entire party platform now. Do you really think that the government is perfect? It's not, it never was, and it will never be. Yet, government is probably cleaner right now than it has been at most if not all points in American history, Republican presidents, Democratic presidents, whatever. The government is representative of the American people, and until the people are perfect (which they are FAR from), then don't expect government to be perfect. Does that mean you can't point out flaws and expect better? Sure you can. But do it to make things better, not to turn everyone against each other. I don't know how things will play out, but I think this country faces a bigger threat from cynicism and distrust than a "socialist plot" to take over the country

2013-06-03 02:32:23

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