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Does this happen to other pianists?

I'm a teenager and I've been playing piano for two and a half years now (it will be three in November) and I don't want to brag (I have NOTHING to brag about) but I'm playing original pieces by Joplin, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. I've noticed now that I'm playing harder songs with more technique and complicated fingering, my hands get very sore and achy after practicing. Also, I have the ugliest, boniest hands thanks to piano. = When I flex my hand out, my tendons stick out like I'm literally just skin and bones. My thumb tendon is the scariest. It sticks out so far and it's very creepy looking. Anyway, my joints are bigger now, like they're swollen all the time. My wrists are also very tiny and bony. Am I working my hands too much? Has this happened to any of you fellow pianists?

2013-06-03 02:27:24

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