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Am i going to get the job?

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME OUT TO READ THIS AND REPLY!! I'LL APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH, MOST DETAILED ANSWER / EXPLAINER WILL RECEIVE 1O+ STARS to make a long story kinda short, i dropped off my application to Braum's back in April on the 30th. Since then all the way up to right now, i've called 4times. The first two they said they would write my name down. The 3rd confirmed that my name is written down (my friend who works there said it's on a sticky note sitting on a whole bunch of other applications from other people) and he also said that the main manager has been busy with meetings, etc so i should just wait. 4th call, he said the manager should start contacting me sometime this week. Am I going to get the job or not? I'm trying to get it before school starts back so I will have an iphone5 in my pocket (before august 18th) that'll take me atleast 4weeks. & I can't fill out anywhere else, im 15, most jobs you have to be 16 where i live. . . Muskogee, OK

2013-06-08 21:18:20

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