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Should I downsize my ears?

I'm at a 16mm in my left ear and a 14mm in my right ear. I've just purchased an 18mm silicone tunnel so that I can stretch up again (I am to reach at least 20mm and then see what I want to do after that). However, I did skip a size (10mm straight to 14mm) and I stretched with a stretcher (some people refer to them as 'tapers', but I don't believe this is the correct term) and so it hurt pretty bad when doing it. It was foolish, I know and I am very careful when I stretch my ears, but I wanted to stretch them quickly. Anyway, they bled a lot and whatnot. I stretched my left ear up to 16mm and it's fine now. Occasional gunky stuff, but nothing serious. So, my question is should I downsize (10-14mm) and then stretch them again? Because I've noticed that some people's ears 'turn out' when they stretch too big, is this because they have stretched too quickly? Thanks in advance.

2013-06-08 21:22:27

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