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What's your story of finding out you were pregnant?

I'm wondering if my story is as strange as it seems to me? I found out the morning of my surgery due to the mandatory pregnancy test on all female patients before having elective surgery. I'm just curious because that happened to me on Thursday! It was a pleasant surprise- and since my periods are irregular and I never thought anything of my period being late. The way I found out was my Orthopedic Surgeon comes in the room and says "Hey Guys... So your surgery has to be cancelled today.. And I was like "why?" and he said "Well because the urine test shows you to be pregnant!" I felt like a jerk for my surgeon getting up early and driving to the hospital for my surgery to not even happen (since he doesn't see patients at the hospital and at a clinic instead) but he wasn't mad he was happy for us and hugged it out with us. lol (I've been his patient FOR A VERY LONG TIME) lol But I'm just wondering if the way I found out is odd? What's your story of how you found out you were pregnant?

2013-06-08 21:24:20

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