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I need help with making my resume?

So. I'm coming to an end of my first year in high school and I'm trying to get a job for this summer and the rest of high school The job I'm aiming for is at a grocery store but not necessarily as a cashier. I'm having trouble adding my "Accomplishments" and "Experience" I haven't really accomplished anything and for experience I've only had one job which I did as volunteer. Although people say with no experience, volunteer jobs are perfect to fill this spot, the volunteer job was as a camp co-leader. Although I got lots of experience I don't think it relates to the job. I've heard for "accomplishments" you can add things like school awards but I'm not particularly academically great.... *cough cough* Anyways. I'm in track and field, school and club but neither have I won anything that could help me and once again, it doesn't relate to the job. What can I add with NO experience and NO accomplishments?

2013-06-08 21:31:41

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