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Could this be iodine poisoning/overdose?

I've been feeling sick lately and I was looking up my symptoms and they were quite similar to iodine overdose. I am a huge seaweed fan, like the seaweed snacks, and I go to my asian market to get them a lot and I get the ones that are in the 3 pack.. Normally I'd get maybe 5 or 6 packs of those which is about 15-18 packs of seaweed, and I know this isn't smart, but I'd pretty much eat that in one day all at once, and they do contain quite a bit of sodium. My symptoms lately have been nauseous feeling, breathing problems sometimes, lower abdominal pains, and burning sensation in throat. I had diarrhea, but that went away a couple days ago. I've been having these symptoms for a little over a week now, and does this sound like iodine poisoning? Should I go to the doctor? Or are there remedies for it? Thanks!

2013-06-08 21:24:40

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