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i got sunburned and i now have a mole?

i'm very worried but my mum says i'm okay but earlier on today because of the nice weather i wanted to get a light tan but instead i got burned , i never had any sunscreen on apart from my face and neck, but i went outside in the morning and sunbathed for about 4-5 hours reading in some occasions i came inside if i wanted a drink or if my mum needed me but anyway , after getting sunburned it wasn't until dinner time before i put on after sun and that's when i noticed i had a mole , i don't usually get sunburned it is a rare occasion when i do i'm not sure if i'm being paranoid or if it is something i need to get checked out , i'm not sure if it could be a freckle , i'm not really sure about anything , but is there a chance that it could be cancerous , the mole appeared the same day i got sunburned if that helps also could this be a sign that my skin is damaged?

2013-06-08 21:28:36

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