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questions about europe ( not not european people )?

For people not from europe.. questions about europe? I know this is very stupid.. and I know I don't get a real good answers on this question.. because it's all personal experience..but anyway.. 1 ) to wich countries ( country ) did you went? 2 ) wich country country in europe do you like the most? and why? 3 ) what did you like best and what did you like worst about your trip, the people, the food of the country, maybe some famous buildings, architecture etc? 4 ) were do the most beautiful women live? 5 ) were do the most beautiful men live? 6 ) where were the nicest people? 7) and where was the most beautiful nature? 8) what is the worst city/country? and why? and please don't react of your from europa.. that would only be biased.. and no bull **** answers please.. actually people who went to europe can answer these questions better.. but if you did not went.. you can of course also answer this question.. only than it would be a bit strange.. to say for example.. I like this women ore this country ore this men.. when you have never been there.. but an answer is still better than no answer

2013-06-17 13:53:19

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