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Did I do something wrong or is my girlfriend is causing drama?

Yesterday my girlfriend and I had a great day, we been all loving and cuddly. Then before we went to bed she asked me do I mind if she nudges me when I snore (I do snore and as she is light sleeper so she wakes up, usually she has ear plugs but this time she lost them). She has been nudging me for nearly six month and I noticed that even though I sleep ~7 hours a night I feel very sleepy when I wake up. Although when I sleep alone I can sleep for ~6 hours and I’m all fresh in the morning because I don’t wake up three tims during the night. So this time I said that I don’t want her to nudge me because I feel tired in the morning and it all began… I was accused of being insensitive and that I would never had done this before but now I probably don’t love her because of this (not true) and I in return said that she is being selfish because she has been nudging me for 6 months and I just wanted a good night of sleep at least once in a while. She became even madder and wanted to argue. From my experience I know that our arguments last for about 3 hours and it was 12 already so I said that I refuse to argue today and would speak about it in the morning. Then I just tried to fall asleep because it really sucks to work for 9 hours when you feel tired… She just went mad, she said that she’s going to her home, then she said that she’s sleeping on the floor, then she hit my bed few times then she called me pathetic and said that out relationship is a joke when finally she said that she’s breaking up with me. Meanwhile I tried to fall asleep (I have taken some sedatives to help me) and ignored her. I only said that I do not want to argue now and that I will only talk about this in the morning. Now I just can’t stop thinking about it. Was I a jerk? Maybe I had to talk it out that night or maybe I should have said “Ok, nudge me…”? Or is she acting unreasonable? Because I think she is but I would love to hear unbiased opinion…

2013-06-17 13:47:34

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