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Is he playing with my feelings?

So I've known this guys for a little while and he's found out recently I like him! We went on camp together and me and my friend were talking about the guy I like (him) and he asked 'is he hot', I said yes but then he got defensive saying 'I don't want to know how hot the guy you like is' (this was before he knew I liked him). Then later that day he found out it was him and ignored me for the rest of the camp!! This was about 6 weeks ago and then about 4 weeks ago he started putting his arm around me and then on another occasion he put his arm around my waist to push me out the door. He gives me little flirty looks every now when we are not sitting together and then often he wont talk to me, not ignoring me but he'll come and sit next to me and just say nothing. Please help I'm really confused and not sure if he playing with my feelings at the moment. Be honest. A little advice on the situation would hurt either! :P

2013-06-17 13:52:45

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