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How do i earn 2000 dollars only using the internet?

Is that even possible? Because personal i have my doubts but still i need 2000 dollars in 1-3 months and i can only use the internet. i'm serious i can't leave my home (Personal Issues) I have some skills i can speak four languages fluently (English, German, Arabic & Somalian) and i speak three programm languages C++, Java & Python. i know it's so unrealistic and so stupid but i just gotta try maybe some of you know how and please don't write stuff like "you insane this will never work" or "get a real job". I just need some useful information maybe some of you have done it already somehow. if you have let me know. and please don't give me those pop-ups where you can earn 300 dollars a day they are all fake. THX

2013-06-17 13:52:32

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