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Should I get home schooled or wait until next year?

Okay this is a bit complex. Last October I had a heart problem so I stopped school. Now in June my doctor's giving me a chance to either wait for school next year or get homeschooled now. In our country, we just implemented K-12, and I kinda made the cut. If I get home schooled now, I would be in the third year, which means I have a year before I actually have to decide what my college course would be. My mom and i agreed I would be studying abroad, which I feel is too soon if I only have a year left to prepare, considering I have a brother and a family here and that I have a condition which is bad. However, if I don't get homeschooled now, I'll waste a year of my life staring at phones and computer screens. But the good thing is I'll get a few more years to prepare for college. If you want to know why I shouldn't just go to public school, it's not because I think homeschooling is of lower standard of stress, but because I can catch illness from other people easily if I go to school every single weekday. So what do you think I should do?

2013-06-17 13:47:54

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