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Can you identify this movie for me?

There's not much I can remember about it apart from these details: Group of young people somehow get stranded at a motel/gas station/diner or something in a desert-like place. The ending has something to do with a skateboarding escape down the road... Two easily memorable things about it are the comedic bits: Trying to siphon gas from a mobile home and they get the opening mixed up with the septic tank and get a mouthful of *ahem* yeah... Killer or threat is under bed in the motel or whatever and the guy puts the quilt over himself and tries to jump through the window from the top of the bed - the window doesn't break and he simply thuds against it before falling splat on the ground. Sorry I couldn't give much else but this is all I can remember. Thanks in advance if anyone figure out what i'm talking about.

2013-06-17 13:52:20

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