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The girls in my girlscout troop are bullying me?

Hi lol I'm Millie!!! I am at a one night camp pout with my girlscout troop. We slept over last night and were leaving at 12! We were supposed to get up by 9, but I like to get up earlier. If u read my other questions, you'd know that I brought American girls!! (We're 13 not adults lol). So, this morning, I set an alarm for 4:30 A,M and because I wanted to play with them. There names are felicity and Angelisian, a just like you doll! Anyway, I decided to play the fight scenes this morning. I like to say what the dolls are saying out loud, and the dolls are always screaming! So as I was about one minute into the game, this dog (sorry to cuss) Allie goes "Millie, what are you doing?! You scared me!" Then this other brat Annie goes "Millie, please keep it down! We're trying to sleep here! Can you play with your dolls later please?" I got really annoyed and threw Angelisian at her. She screamed and then I grabbed my dolls and ran. I'm currently in the pavilion typing this on my phone..should I tell the counselors that the other girls were being bossy?

2013-06-17 13:48:59

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