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How can I get through opiate withdrawal with pneumonia?

I am 49 and in very good health, usually. I had been under pain management until I moved. I decided to just quit my pain meds as my doc was 6 hours away and start with a new doc if needed, since I am not working I am not in so much pain. I have been on it for 12 years and I know it is going to be unpleasant. I tapered and was at the last two weeks mark when I contracted double pneumonia and a pleural effusion. I was in the hosp for four days but home now recovering. The end of the taper is in 4 days and I wanted to know if the withdrawal is going to impact the pneumonia recovery. Please be kind in your replies and I do not want to ask a doctor as when it comes to anything regarding pain meds they always jump to the wrong conclusion about people and then they treat you differently, you know like a leper.

2013-06-17 13:54:12

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