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Do you think he love me?

we are bot at all boys school im 14 he is 15 and its a long story You can find it in my Other Question So he barely know me But he invited me to his house and i cant go And he just kept asking me to come even though he is popular and he have a lot of friends to come He said please come and he just kept asking ! And he always tell me where is he going or saying im going to text you when im going to have a wifi because he is travailing so he just kept sending me heart icons and He said im going to text you until you go to sleep and we kept texting for 4 hours very late a night so he said if i come back to own can you come to my house ? and he said when are you going to wake up i said 2 and he said il text you at 2 and he put a heart icon i have a crush on him so every time he text me i get exited ! so what does it mean do he love me?

2013-06-17 13:52:35

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