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Do you think women and men in the same bad shoes have it equally bad?

I don't think so. For example I notice tall, very thin women, and short, stubby women have higher self esteem than guys in the same shoes, more often. And that's probably because they know some guys like that. In their experience, every now and then someone will tell them they're beautiful. And there are motivators in society for them. But not for men in those shoes. Few motivators, and no women care about them. If you don't believe me just look at the next short stubby guys and see how few of them have a smile on their face. Or just short in general. Even average like me sometimes. It's much rarer. But a short girl can still be happy. Only when they're truly ugly will they lose their esteem. So that's why I think the source of self esteem came from the attention they still received. However little.

2013-06-17 13:54:46

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