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Opinions on the name Leland?

Yesterday the name popped into my head when my cousin and I were doing themed sibsets. And it hasn't left my mind sense! I think Leland is intensely cute! It's quickly making its way up my top ten boys name list<3 And it's not too common. (I only know of one Leland.. And that's Dog's boy. xD) which is a plus for for me, personally. I gave it a little search and it seems A LOT of people seem to have a strong dislike for the name. I can't imagine why, though. So, fill me in! ;Opinion on the name? ;Why you like it or don't like it. ;Rating out of /ten. ;A few middle name pairings with it. ;Finally, opinion on my name combo with Leland! [Leland Michael-Scott]

2013-06-17 13:57:59

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