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Am I to blame for racial oppression?

I was born white, and because of that no matter how open minded or tolerant I try to be I am immediately at blame for the mistreatment of a race in which I played no part in. If I had it my way I would do my best to ensure equal rights, but because I was born as a white man I am immediately at fault for what other people did and deserve to be hated for it. The biggest factor of racism in my opinion is giving the race a lack of individualism (E.g. Thinking that if a minority of African-Americans are criminals, then they are all criminals) and basing your perception of them based on stereotypes. So how is thinking that I am racist because a minority of my race is racist (Lack of individualism) and basing your perceptions on me by the stereotype that all Australians are racist going to help the problem? Is this not doing the exact same thing that causes racism in the first place? Is it not racist to blame a white person for every misfortune that a white person has bestowed on another race simply for the fact that they were born white? Surely I'm not the only one that sees the hypocrisy here. I was reading an article about a black South African man killing a white South African man, and saw someone in the comment section trying to blame it on the white man and glorify the black man's action, saying something along the lines of "You white people started the issue, so don't be surprised when you suffer the consequences". Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? An innocent man was murdered because he happened to have the same color of skin as the people that oppressed them. Is it honestly a common thought to think that racism will be solved by using more racism? In my opinion one of the greatest reasons why racism still exists today is because racism against white people is not something that is frowned upon, and is something that is way too overlooked. Racism does not counteract racism, so why do people feel the need to label every white individual as a bad person because they happen to share the same skin color as the people who oppressed them?

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