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Question About a Baby Wood Pigeon?

Last week I found a baby wood pigeon (I think 4 or 4 and a half weeks old). He couldn't fly and was in my dad's garden, when I caught him I found he had a wound under his wing from where a cat had probably tried to get him. So I've been raising him for the past week and his wound is pretty much healed and he looks healthy and alert. I was wondering when should a wood pigeon be released because today before I got the chance to feed him he flew up onto the roof and about 20 minutes later flew away. I am worried because he can't eat by himself and won't drink unless prompted (and even at that he's not very good at it). So that makes him about 5 or almost 6 weeks old right now. Will he be alright? Will he learn from the other pigeons? Thanks to anyone who answers. :)

2013-06-21 17:50:44

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