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Help me pls :'( guys , need your advice?

I got into a fight with my bf. Now things have become really complicated. He loves me , I know that. But not as much as I do. In the start of our relationship he was more caring and prompt in making this right. Many people think that he loves me quite much but has this problem that doesnt cooperate in a fight. Recently we fought , and I kept quite. He texted that I shud consider him my past. I was astonished that he said it. I asked him , will it make u happy ? He said : ofcourse not! I sent him two long texts explaining myself but he didnt reply. Later ,today I sent him another one , asking that am I that easy to let go off ? He said: you've got no idea how tough it was for me to compose that text last night. I replied him: its even tough for me. Its not only you but im suffering as well. Things would have been smooth if u wanted them to be.. Its been 6 hours, he didnt reply me. Though he didnt block me on fb , neither my besty. Additional detail: I was writing a song for him as its his bday on 22 July. But since im so afraid to lose him and last night I thought that I should share it with him otherwise I'll never get a chance to... So last night I sent it on fb .. It was seen this morning by him at 10:58 and he texted me at 11:01. He is a sensitive guy but I dont understand why is he doing this.. Btw we fought over some pages I find totally obscene on fb. He has no interest in such things . He gave me his paswrd so that I shud unlike them from his account . But I turned down that offer.. I wanted him to do that instead. I know it was a petty one. Dont need a discussion on that :( Now he has got that ego issue .. That he is not unliking those pages.. -.- Pls guide me bros and sis.. :'( I really love him and he loves me too. But I dont know why he doesnt reply me soon. He always takes long time to text a single msg as well. I already sound too desperate for him. I dont know what to do further. What should I say to him and how should i move further? :'(

2013-06-21 17:55:15

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