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If someone had a crush on you but did something horrible to you but every time they saw you they could never make eye contact but sometimes look at you when your not looking and avoid you. Then u see them in a nice outfit u stare extremely hard watching you walk away but then when they unexpectedly run into( while they are with a friend) to you at a restaurant while your in line they ask for some napkins and while the wait they stare at you. Then when you go see them where that person works and you two are alone and that person doesn't look at you but seems calm and doesn't bother to make conversation . But a few weeks later when he( that person) sees you on the street and he stares at you extremely hard because you have a nice body? what does this mean? Do they want to speak their mind but don't.I gonna say something to him but I need to know based off his actions was there something there? Has he finally reached maturity?

2013-06-21 17:57:19

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