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I'm giving up on trying to understand if my Dr likes me or not?!!!?

Thank you everyone for your advice on previous post, but, after speaking to my guy friends they seem to think if my Dr liked me after we had spent 4 hrs in a pub drinking he would be mKing an effort to contact me... Which he has not done. They also were of the consents that if they had left their phone charger at home whilst away and they liked someone they would have bought another one so they could keep in contact. It's been a mad 3 weeks of trying to understand if he liked me or not just as a patient. I took the lead and asked him for a drink, we went on that then nothing after.... So i am giving up, I'm certainly not going to ask him why he had stopped texting of didn't. I now feel awkward as I have to see him at future appointments. Just would of appreciated an honest text to clear the air... Is that asking to much?? And with reference to my email before that I had to cancel an appointment with him next week, it is due to a funeral I have to attend. Thank you x

2013-06-21 17:57:21

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