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Ear infection home remedy?

Baby gets cold like every month and after a day or two his temp. elevates, the culprit ear infection. I try so hard that he does not get any cold but he gets at least once a month. This started when he was one year old and in his 14th month it is the third time. I use saline drops, humidifier.. I do all the possible things to help him. I don't want antibiotics any more for my son. I am too scared that be would be suggested by his doc for a tube. This time it started with pink eye with white mucus and day 2 runny nose, day 3 high fever 102.2. Fever got down to 101 after first dos of Tylenol. I am now looking for home remedies for middle ear infection. Any previous luck with any ho e remdies for my soon to be 15 month old

2013-06-23 03:45:52

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