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I'm so jealous of my friend because shes pretty?

One of my girl friends is so gorgeous. My guy friends always come to me about how hot/pretty she is. I've always found her pretty so this makes me even more jealous when guys confirm it. I even made one of them tell me the reasons why he found her attractive knowing I would get depressed that I don't have those qualities. Because no matter how much makeup I put on or dress nicely I will never be as pretty as her, or pretty in general. Guys have called me pretty but they don't mean it. I'm okay, not beautiful or gorgeous, even one of my friends told me exactly that. Yeah. I hate my big nose, my dark skin color, being half black, flat, and being ugly in general. My friend is tan, perfect body, perfect long dark hair, perfect makeup and face. How can I stop my obsessive envy for my friend and stuff? I don't think I can learn to like myself.

2013-06-23 03:47:28

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