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Do you know the name of this suspense/ horror ship movie?

Time ago I was just changing channels at TV but I stopped at this one ship movie, I really don't know the name of it but it was pretty awsome, It was about a group of friends who go on a trip in a little boat but they had an accident and get on a misterious ship and the main character (a blonde girl) notice somebody misterious; but everyone get killed exept this girl, later she find out everithing comes again and try to avoid them to get on the ship again while try to save them of this miterious person trying to kill them but It seems to be herself and then she turns into the killer and try to kill everyone to get with her son, when she finds out everything has no end she jump out the ship and get to her town were she saw herself hitting his child and kill herself, then she try to scape with her son and crash the car where her son dies and she remember everithing and return to the original ship where their friends are there and they'regoing on a trip so she can be with her son again. I remember "The simpsons" made a parody with this movie and they called the ship "Albatros" LOL

2013-06-23 03:49:12

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