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is he asking me on date?

this guy i like asked me to "chill" once and i decided not to because it didnt sound like something very flattering it seemed as though he was trying to get in my pants. he seemed really douchy and over-confident (hes hot and has his own clothing line so he gets a lot of girls naturally) and he said something a bit arrogant and rude to me once so i ignored him altogether. now its been 3 months since i ignored him and hes been messaging me, asking me what im up to, how im doing, etc. he has now suggested "lets do something this week" i told him i couldnt hang out but that i was going to this party which he was going to. anyways, i couldnt make the party but i messaged him the next day saying "how was the party?" and he said "it was good - lets do something tomorrow, text me" im not really sure if this guy is just changing up his game or if "let's do something" is a step up from "'lets chill". what do you think??

2013-06-23 03:47:27

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