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i have a crush on my best friend and were both girls?

Okay, so i'm like 14 and shes 13 and a half. I kinda want to tell her that i have a crush on her, so one time i asked her if she had ever had a crush on a girl, and we got all awkward and she laughed a little(and it was on the phone!). She asked me if i had ever had a crush on a girl and i just said no because i wuz 2 afraid 2 tell her. Then the next few weeks at school she started making jokes that we were "such a couple" whenever our hands brushed each others when we walked the school in the hallway, she would grab my hand and say that. Then i started only being attracted to girls. Then just to guys for a week or two, now i feel attracted to both and have a tiny crush on my second best friend who's a guy and a kinda big crush on my very best friend, who is a girl. I want her to have a crush on me too. But how do i get her to have a crush on me if schools almost over and we wont see each other for 2 months and all we have to talk 2 each other is email? then we will go into high school after this summer break. Help PLEAZZ?? thanks for all the help in advance!!

2013-06-23 03:51:58

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