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Question about a possible Kidney Infection?

ok so I ended up going to the ER the other night with severe pain in my lower back (flank pain) and they done a urine sample AFTER I took AZO (for UTI pain relief) they said there came back no infection and they ruled it as kidney stones. I have cloudy urine with a strong odor I even took an over the counter UTI infection checker and it came back positive for both results. I can't hardly walk because my legs are killing me now with the back pain, I have horrible headaches suddenly, I'm extremely fatigued and can't hardly stay awake. I toss and turn at night, pee all the time, it slightly burns when I do. What can I do?! Is this a kidney infection now or is it still a UTI? (I went to a doctor before this about a month ago and he said it was a uti and had me load up on vitamin C and cranberry stuff)

2013-06-23 03:56:52

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