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My husbands step-father has early onset Alzheimer's. He also just suffered a mild stroke.?

He has been a nursing home for several weeks including when he suffered the stroke. He is lucid most of the time. He does get confused at times. But overall can make his wants or needs known. He wants to go home. He being in his 90's is aware that at home is where he wants to be when he go to the light. He would have the same if not better care there at home.Problem the grown kids want him to remain in the nursing home and have been able to keep him there. Mother in law has full power of attorney but yet can't get him released from the nursing home. Now the insurance is almost drained,but yet we have a 24 hour nurse and all the other comforts and precautions ready. We live in Missouri any help on what can be done will be gratefully welcome. No one is talking to each other it's the kids from the 1st marriage battling the 2nd set that are step kids but equally loved and that love is reciprocated back. All he wants is to die at home.. May the Lord bless and keep you.

2013-06-23 03:52:51

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