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Kitten Help! I'm Getting A New Kitten!!! But I Have Some Questions. Can You Help?

Just a few details about him/her: (I dont know the gender yet) Him/Her name is Katniss (Hunger Games) Him/Her is ALL (and yes i mean ALL) black with GORGEOUS blue eyes Him/Her is VERY active. Him/Her is about 2 months old Hope that was enough to describe Him/Her. If i can think of more i will add more details. And now, time for my questions. 1. What do i expect? 2. What food does He/She eat and for how long? (links please. Wal-Mart? i have a local Wal-Mart near by so that helps) 3.what kind of litter? sense kittens experiment and eat a bunch of things they shouldn't and i was wondering if regular litter was fine or do i get special kind. 4. what kind of supply's do i need? (homemade ideas?) 5. any tips? thank you!

2013-06-23 03:54:52

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