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Sims 3 Gameplay Problems! Please Help!?

I just installed Sims 3 on Linux. But when I play, everything goes super fast. (sound, video) Also the letter are blacked out. (Black boxes) When I get to the area where u select the town u want, a popup pops up and has some blacked out lettering. It also has a check mark to click and so I click that. It closes out the game. This happens when the game is unpatched and patched to 1.50. When It is patched to 1.55, it's normal speed but I still have the blacked out lettering. What is causing this? How can I fix this? I have already installed DirectX 9.0c March 2008. I have a 32-bit Linux Mint 13 Maya. Please help. I've been looking forward to play this game.

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