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What do you think he thinks of me?

Well...this guy kinda knows I like him. His friend, said that the guy I like wants to go with me. Okay, so after school I always see him, but he his is mostly with his clique. Every time I see him in halls, I just kinda freeze up and get away ASAP. One of his friends always say hi to me and tries to talk with me, I just don't want him to think I'm not on his level because I'm kinda rich. I try to hide it, but every time my mom picks me up with her hummer, people tend to stare and talk. He looked at me while I was in the car and looked away.So...since he wants to go out with me, why hasn't he asked me? What do you think he thinks of me? Guys...or girl, do you have any similar experience?

2013-03-03 00:36:48

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