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chances to get into a top MBA school?

Where to I begin? Well for starters, I battled cancer in my undergraduate studies which took a toll on my academic record, and that gpa that I will graduate with is a 2.95. I took the GMAT and scored higher than the 90th percentile, also I took the GRE and received a top score as well. I will graduate this May, and have had work experience in undergrad, my UG degree is in economics, and I plan on a year of WE after graduation. Given the Work Experience in Undergrad, the year after, the almost 3.0 gpa while dealing with cancer, with a 2 year upward trend, and GMAT and GRE scores in the 90th percentile, Stellar personal statement, essays, and Letters of Recommendation and If I blanket all the top business schools (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Dartmouth, Duke, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Northwestern, Brown, UPenn) do you think that at least one would accept me? When they want work experience for MBA is that post grad or can some of that be while in undergrad?

2013-03-03 00:37:10

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