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What should i name my story?

So i am a preteen and i am writing a story and i don't know what to name it. Can you please tell me if it's interesting so far and give me some tips too? Thank you! The story: Far away, lives a girl named Sarah in an island inexistent in maps and in the world. Sarah was a vampire; she was the daughter of very overprotective vampire parents. All vampires live in that island and if any human knows about the existence of vampires then the person responsible would get killed. The only way out of the island is flying out of it. All vampires think that humans are evil creatures that think vampires are cold blooded, blood drinking creatures but Sarah liked to think of them just like vampires but without the blood sucking. One Day, Sarah decided to pretend to sleep over at her friend’s house while she flew to what they called it as “Human Land”. It was a very risky adventure. Sarah asked her parents to get her new, bigger, and better wings. They agreed unless she was good at her studies but there was not time for that so she decided to steal Thank You!

2013-06-24 16:05:57

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