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Does this mean he likes me?

This guy I went to high school with randomly asked me out one day after I told him he was cute. We went out, and he was really sweet. I hadn't seen him in two years. So when I went out to his car he got out to give me a hug, which was a side hug and really awkward. We went out to eat, and I was at least going to reach for my wallet, but by the time I was ordering he already has his card out. Then we went to his house and watched movies with his roommates. When I sat down on the couch, I didn't sit very close to him; so he gave me a weird look and moved closer to me to where all of us was touching. If I moved suddenly he'd ask me if I was okay and he kept asking if I was comfortable. When he dropped me off he got out of the car again to give me a hug that was normal and not at all awkward, and said we needed to go out again really soon. He then waited outside until I got inside my house. He didn't make any moves besides just sitting incredibly close to me on the couch. I heard from him that night and the following day too. So I was just wondering if he liked me?

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